Brandi Bottenfield is a licensed residential Realtor in DFW with Direct Realty. She primarily deals with emerging affluent buyers along the North Dallas Tollway and I-75 corridor of Dallas.  

Those individuals and families making $150,000 to $500,000 annually tend to require a realtor that understands their time is limited and valuable; thus they are looking for someone to do it all.  Brandi does it all and has specific expertise in the emerging affluent real estate markets of Dallas and the Park Cities.  

Where online/hybrid realtors services end - Brandi just begins.  She knows the pitfalls, the gaps and the areas that require more personal attention to detail that online realtors fail to address for time constrained clients.  It goes back to "how much time in a day" do you as a client realistically have to deal with the complexities of a sell or purchase ...Brandi gives her clients back their valuable  time; whereas online realtors ask for MORE of a clients time during a deal.  

Brandi was a multi-sport athlete in college, is a 3-time marathon runner, and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Her Psychology degree combined with a keen intuition has proven to be invaluable when negotiating contracts.  

Brandi came to the Dallas area by way of Purcell, Oklahoma and fell in love with the amazing people and culture Dallas had to offer.  Prior to entering the real estate profession Brandi gained valuable experience working in the luxury retail space.  With this experience, she learned how to treat clients with exceptional service and how to go the extra mile for clients. She has also earned her stripes as the President/Owner of a real estate holdings business, REBRANDI LLC. 

When Brandi is not working she enjoys running, being outdoors, volunteering in the community, and spending time with her husband Jason Bottenfield.

Brandi wants to help you rebrand your family’s future. Her structured work ethic, positive mindset, and willingness to do whatever it takes will lead to a smooth real estate transaction for you and your family.


To me a real estate transaction is a rebranding moment, whether its selling your existing home, or purchasing a new home." - Brandi

Let me help you rebrand your families future...